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0% interest loans

Borrow MUSD against BCH

Interest-free borrowing on Bitcoin Cash. Moria is a protocol oracle-based borrowing against BCH collateral.

This project is in active development.

  • 0% interest rate

    Moria protocol charges no interest rates. There is a one-time fee to borrow MUSD.

  • 110% Colleteral Ratio*

    Moria protocol is capital efficient, requiring low amount of collateral.

    *Under normal operation

  • Decentralized protocol

    MUSD stands as a censorship-resistant, decentralized stablecoin.

  • Open Source

    Moria is licensed under OSI approved open source license.

How it works

  • Borrow Tokens: Lock in your BCH collateral to borrow asset-backed tokens

  • Maintain Collateral: Ensure your loan meets the collateral requirements to avoid becoming an open repayment opportunity

  • Repay and Unlock: Repay your borrowed tokens to unlock your BCH collateral

Key features

  • Oracle-based: Moria Protocol uses the D3lphi oracle to ensure an accurate and transparent price feed

  • Incentivized Floating Peg: Built-in market incentives to maintain token value

  • Flexible Repayment: Open repayments allow anyone to clear the debt when collateral is insufficient