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Token Claim

Any token can be added on Cauldron. By default, tokens will have a warning of not being known and a warning triangle shown in the token list ().

As the issuer of this token, you can get this warning removed by adding a claim to it. The following requirements must be met:

The Token ID published

The Token ID is the blockchain identificator, eg. b79bfc8246b5fc4707e7c7dedcb6619ef1ab91f494a790c20b0f4c422ed95b92.

It must published on a public accessable place. Preferrably a website, but also a tweet by token author or a public message in a projects telegram chat is acceptable — as long as it is viewable on a web page.

For BCMR tokens, the token ID must be published on the website or social medium identified in the token BCMR metadata.

Minimum Liquidity

The token must have minimum liquidity of 0.1 BCH.

Unique Identity

The token must not masquerade as another asset. This means it cannot use names or symbols and icons that are directly associated with well-known assets, such as BCH, BTC, GOLD, TSLA, etc., without clear and explicit differentiation. The token's name and symbol should reflect its unique identity to avoid confusion with other assets.

Submit claim request

To submit a claim request, please open a ticket on Cauldron's Discord server.

Changing BCMR data

If you change the BCMR data after a token claim has been added, the claim will become void and you'll need to resubmit a claim. This is a measure to mitigate against existing tokens masquerading as another asset after having a claim added.