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Cauldron DEX

Cauldron DEX is the flagship product of Riften Labs.

Cauldron is a decentralized exchange on Bitcoin Cash that lets users swap and provide liquidity to native cash tokens.


Cauldron the DEX is a much sought-after DeFi product in Bitcoin Cash. Cauldron protocol enables seamless trade for tokens by allowing users to provide liquidity in smart contract. Providing liquidity can be a source of passive income for token and Bitcoin Cash holders. Cauldron is a valuable addition to the utility of Bitcoin Cash as digital electronic cash. Liquidity on Cauldron will contribute to the TVL (Total-value-locked) on Bitcoin Cash, pulling coins from the centralized exchange market.

  • Bring Defi to BCH
  • Bring more liquidity to the BCH network
  • Grow the CashTokens ecosystem
  • Onboard DeFi users and liquidity

Our Philosophy when developing this DEX has been to develop the most easy-to-use and open DEX; where anyone can swap any token and anyone can provide liquidity. To grow a DeFi infrastructure like Cauldron, we believe it is vital to operate on a non-custodial platform, free of censorship as well as have a doxed development team.


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